The Bloody Hams

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sleepless North of Seattle

That’s a lie, I actually did sleep, but I shouldn’t have because I ended up finishing the mix at the last moment this morning.


I had to send it in before I was happy with it, so I have a bunch of complaints about the levels / tone of the mix. Steve has already been my shoulder to cry on, so I’m done griping about it. I wish I could have added some more thingies to the mix, but it turns out that was not to be. Tom, your drums and bass were both killer. The mix sounded so good even when they were all I had. Steve, your guitars are great, and your harmonizing hummings totally made the song. Ken, way to go with the vocals, and thanks for checking your PMs and responding to my 3am musical requests. And a round of applause to Jason for writing a kickass song with an extra kickass chorus.

I’m off to brew up a gallon of coffee.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Status Report

Ok, so here's where we are right now, as of about 5:30 PM PST. Leaf's drum tracks are uploading to my server right now and Adam should have the ftp info to get them, otherwise i'll post the links here. I just spoke to Ken on the phone and he is working on the vox and has a guitar track too. I gave him a copy of the mp3 that jason sings on to synch to, but it would be helpful to have one without jason's singing in it. Adam, any chance you could give us a rough mix that Ken and I can both use to sing to?

damn, these things get complicated. :)

blog rights

all of you guys now have administrator rights so you should be able to edit posts, etc.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


i'll upload the 4 tracks i did tonight and send puce the links. also, who's singing this? bolio? ken? me? i wouldn't mind doing some harmony vocals.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Updated lead sheet *new & improved with LYRICS*

And I threw a vocal 'sample' (use the term lightly) on for you. Think it flows pretty well. It's a basis anyway for your interpretation.

Oh my...

You guys aren't going to belive this, but I was looking at our blog and pressed the "next blog" link up in the right hand corner and the next blog was... !!!

Rockstars and Pornstars next to each other!

Be well,

Eine Kleine A and A

Ok, so i did some recording with this tonight and posted a rough mix. here's a link to it. keep in mind that the stuff i did was intentionally mixed high to emphasize it so you could hear it easy enough.

i did 4 guitar tracks.

track 1: tremelo guitar in verse panned slightly left
track 2: overdriven rhythym guitar during chorus/loud section panned slight left
track 3: overdriven lead in chorus/loud section panned slight right
track 4: acoustic guitar in verse panned slightly right

anyways, let me know what you think.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fresh Ham

A new thread for a new track.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Possible New Slice

there's a rumour going around that there may be another slice of bloody ham in the near future. any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"the missing soundboards"

that could be one way to describe it. so keep in mind that the guitar track i added is just for show and not really what i'd play. my thoughts would be to have leaf record his bass to the mix and get a good clean drums and bass to work with. then have puce record his guitar, and maybe even an overdub on the vox if he wants to drop another dub low in the mix. then bolio and i could add something to that, and if ken wanted to add to his drums he could too. the real challenge would be to maintain the appearance of a live board mix, a good one but not overdo the studio aspect of it. i think "so many possibilities" is an ideal candidate for the first song to try. i think gwp could also be a good one to clean up too. as well as "let it be". maybe if we can get enough cleaned up tracks, we make a CD a stick on homemade music or something. that could be fun.

anyhow, here's my rough remix:


Is it live or is it........

a cool project idea. i'm sure you guys have heard glenn's mp3s and bless his heart for making them and recording them but they sound like ass. unadulterated ass. it's certainly not his fault at all. the mp3s are 64k mono and the mic sounds like it was sitting next to the floor monitor/drum kit and all you really hear are drums, vocals, and an occasional fill from bolio. so here's my idea. we remix some of these tracks and overdub our parts in. kens drumming is pretty spot on, as are the vox for the most part. we could all overdub our parts, drown them in reverb, and mix in with the live mix. i've been known to fake a live mix a time or 2....

as a sort of test, i took puce's "so many possibilities" and added a new guitar track (as mine is nonexistent on the mix) for kicks to see what it might sound like. anyone want to here my remix?


The Bloody Hams conquer Seattle & Songfight!

I just wanted to say it was a complete and utter blast to hang out with you guys this weekend. Great job on winning this week's fight too, i mean really, we did have the BEST FUCKING SONG THIS WEEK ANYWAYS!

So i hope that we can continue to do more Bloody Hams collabs in the future on an irregular basis, and i'm really looking forward to the next Bloody Hams reunion guys absolutely rock!